Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Morning Miracle: Inside the Washington Post: A Great Newspaper Fights for Its Life By David Kindred

Part insider tell-all about the day-to-day operation of
The Washington Post, part battle narrative documenting the paper’s struggle to survive in a rapidly and radically transforming media landscape, Kindred’s book is primarily a lament: the hard-hitting, deeply reported journalism of the Post’s heyday is under threat in the age of the Internet.

What’s the Big Deal?

In the year leading up to September 2009, 24,500 print-media staffers in the U.S. were laid off, and daily papers in Seattle and Denver shut down their print operations. Need any more proof that print outlets are struggling? Morning Miracle chronicles the inner workings of what was once one of America’s most successful newspapers, now facing declining circulation and profits and a slashed staff. But Miracle argues that while the medium may be dying, quality journalism continues to matter.

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